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Aug 7, 2017
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So this passed weekend i visited the pet store called Pets at Home. I have now made the decision to start feeding my puppy a vegan diet. I was confused as to why they only had a vegetarian option but not vegan. So I went on to twitter and posed the question to their twitter account. They responded ( as you can see below) . I think this is wrong and unfair to dog owners who are vegans and do not want to contribute to an industry that makes animals suffer. Am i right in saying dogs do not need to eat meat?
You're wasting your time looking for a vegan dog food. Make your own. There are a ton of recipes online you can use. I keep cooked sweet potatoes and mixture of brown rice, oats and lentils cooked with carrots or beets (depending on what I can get) on hand and add a few other ingredients when I serve our dogs. Usually, I add some beans, a few greens and sometimes a few other things.

We also give our dogs apples, sometimes with peanut butter, as a treat. There are other recipes I use, too and other items I give them, but this is the base. It's actually pretty easy and I don't give them anything I wouldn't eat myself anymore, so it's just like preparing another meal when I make breakfast and dinner (usually the apple is their lunch, sort of). We also give them plenty of our table scraps and anything that if it doesn't get eaten will go bad (as long as it's safe for them). You can Google the ingredient and whether it's safe for dogs to find out.

Hope this helps!
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Hi Tamsin

I ordered v-dog from veggiepets (i can't post links so you'll have to google it!) which is advertised as vegetarian but is actually vegan.

Lots of dog foods are advertised this way - I assume because more people are vegetarian than vegan.

Check out that website, they list which ones are actually vegan and not vegetarian. I assume a company like PaH don't have that relationship with the brands that veggie pets do.

Also, there are some advertised vegan foods on there if that is easier like Ami.
There's are many vegan dog food brands. Usually ordering online is the easiest and cheapest way. V-dog, wysong, halo... etc. Those are good brands and fairly cheap.

loads of vegan dog foods available. links to the vegepets website and others here. They are vegan dogs and cats. They live healthy full lives. QED. Quad Est Demonstratum. My dogs are health hyper energetic vegan dogs. Bramble the Guinness World Book of REcords dog in 2002 edition lived to 25 years old. Loads more full lives healthy dogs and cats.
My previous dog was eating this, and he was doing fine eating it for a long time:

My current dog (a puppy) is eating this, and also seems totally fine... no health issues:

This article also seems to suggest vegan diets are healthy for dogs:

That 30 lb bag of V-Dog vegan dog food at the Amazon link up there... it comes into stock and goes out of stock now and then. If anyone is interested, I bet Amazon will have more in stock in the near future. It was nice & convenient... got the usual free shipping & they drop it off at my front door. I intend to feed that to my current puppy when she reaches adulthood.

I'd personally be more comfortable feeding my dog a commercial vegan pet food like the V-Dog or Benevo rather than cooking something myself because I'm guessing V-Dog probably consulted with veterinarians or else some type of dog nutrition experts to help ensure their dog food product provides the nutrition dogs need to be healthy, and I wouldn't want to make a mistake and feed the dog a diet that is not nutritionally adequate.
Just saw a commercial on TV for Wild Earth dog food.
The ad didn't say that the food was vegan. Just healthier but I became suspicious.

Its interesting that no vegan claims made in the commercial but ...

When checking out a review I got a kick out this quote:
Yes, Wild Earth is good for dogs. Vegan dog food is still a controversial topic in the veterinary world. However, pet parents that use Wild Earth have had only good things to say about the company and the food.​

not dog owners. Pet parents.

oh they have a lot of different ads. And they were on Shark Tank