Unilateral integrations


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Mar 6, 2019
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Olympia WA
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Hi everybody! I've been working on a browser extension to augment Facebook and other social media sites and I was thinking of including veganforum.org , curious if anybody has any interest in that sort of thing, I'd have to explain how the source code works and will be trying to set up a generalized workflow so others can use and customize the extension as they want but it would be a playing with fire for anybody who doesn't comprehend how it's doing what it's doing... of course I as the developer would know that there wouldn't be any serious security breach but you would have to go off of faith if you wanted to use the extension and not learn the code... the benefit of browser extensions would be unilateral integration without needing to wait for the API to include a feature... for example, the people who make up your personalized facebook feed is determined by the facebook algorithm, they have features where you can designate 30 profiles to be "followed first" but when you go to revise the list facebook has this deliberately difficult interface where they give you a grid of 20 where only one or two are of the follow first type, you can click a button that takes 5 seconds to load another 20 or so but it's still not showing you everybody and they're still randomly scattered about... with a browser extension where you have data stored in your own custom objects, modifying the list or doing other bulk operations can be as fast as clicking a single button (or automated and on a timer but that's not always the best way to go)... lots that can be done and there's already so much to do :) wanting to know how much interest there is, thanks!