1. R

    Activism-Vegan Stickers in Supermarkets?

    I’m in the UK, by the way… Oh, and hello! I haven’t posted recently. How have you guys all been?
  2. Richie

    My thoughts on the vegan movement (7 DA 2022

    My quick thoughts as an animal rights campaigner (via YouTube vid) on fast food, 'greenwashing', activism, Extinction Rebellion and the class unity that needs to happen if we want to reach total animal liberation. I'd love some feedback and discussion points. I'm currently writing a book on...
  3. F

    End all EU subsidies for animal agriculture

    Make your voice heard: European Citizens' Initiative --- Article: European Commission Approves End The Slaughter Age Initiative to Transfer Animal Ag Subsidies to Alt-Protein - vegconomist
  4. JacobEdward

    Socialism vs Capitalism in terms of Vegan Activism

    I tried having this debate with Vegan Foot Soldier on his discord but he's "too busy"... The nature of the economy is relevant to how the world is going to go vegan My argument is that the economy is fake, start to finish for hundreds of millions of people (billions), it is this centrally...
  5. R

    Is Facebook activism effective?

    Hello 👋, I have just been involved in an upsetting conversation on Facebook with a member of a group against the dog and cat meat trades about the consumption of other animals (cattle, pigs, etc). I have a lot of upset from and about my posts and conversations on Facebook. I’m thinking of...
  6. Forest Nymph

    Vegan Purchases of Interest

    You're free to post your grocery list, but I was thinking more of clothes, concerts and art traceable back to veganism or animals. I just got my student disbursement so I'm doing my fun bi-yearly shopping. I got: A tee shirt that says Hypocrisy then has pictures of different animals with...
  7. JacobEdward

    Unilateral integrations

    Hi everybody! I've been working on a browser extension to augment Facebook and other social media sites and I was thinking of including , curious if anybody has any interest in that sort of thing, I'd have to explain how the source code works and will be trying to set up a...
  8. C

    Pig truck drivers frequently stop at your local gas stations?

    Hi, if you live or work near a gas station that you frequently see truck drivers with loaded pigs at (close to California), please let me know the name, location and approximate time you see them. Thanks so much!
  9. Faisal

    Product Vegan activist clothing | no longer nameless

    Hi everyone! I'm creating vegan clothes with a message, made in the UK and held to the highest ethical, cruelty-free and vegan standards. I aim to make clothes that look good, feel good and DO good. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions :) No Longer Nameless Website No Longer Nameless...
  10. V

    New vegan youtube channel

    I made a YouTube channel to show people the horrors of the animal products industry to turn people vegan The Channel Name is 'The Vegan Uprise' I already have over 40 subs and i am slowly getting more :)
  11. R

    Speaking UP when I don't Agree!

    Hi, I am pretty much vegan, and I am a caring animal advocate. However, when I hear about or see something I don’t agree with, I usually don’t speak up about because I’m afraid that my mum and/or the other person in question will get angry. I’m sensitive and afraid of my mum’s anger. I’m 22, but...
  12. MadamSarcastra

    Marches & Protests

    This is sort of a general, all-inclusive protest/march thread, to avoid any confusing cross-over. I figured today was as good a day as any to start it.... Jer & I were watching live.... There must be at least three million marching... and there's only three million NRA members. :p...
  13. Samantha Smith

    Events Direct action everywhere is setting up a chapter in knoxville, tennessee (us)

    The movement for animal liberation starts with you! DxE is a direct action network of ordinary people, formed using the model of grassroots networks in the history of social justice -- ACT UP, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Women's Social and Political Union, and the...
  14. Ken Herlache

    Charity My gofundme situation and vegan activism Hello vegan/vegetarian peoples and thank you for taking the time to read this :) I’m currently running a GoFundMe because of a series of events that has pretty much set my life in a tailspin. It was a very difficult decision to ask for help...
  15. S

    VEGANS please help!

    If you could all sign up to and post positive comments in the comments section under the article, that would really help us out! upvote pro vegan comments and down vote the ignorant rants, we need to turn the tide of opinion...
  16. O

    Media Please like this vegan Facebook page! It's the page of my dad's girlfriend's sister and has a lot of good, original vegan content! Please like it so she can continue the page! :)
  17. V

    Worst mistake of my life -advice needed!

    I don't even know where to begin... My story is embarrassing and I am so ashamed of myself. I would really appreciate any advice from my fellow vegans out there regarding my terrible situation. So basically my boyfriend told me he would be interested in seeing me wear a faux fox tail toy. After...