Turning vegan and need advice


Jan 1, 2018
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hey guys I have decided I want to make the change to a vegan or plant based diet I’m into day 3 and finding it not bad the only issue is I’m not sure how to fill my day with vegan foods, what does a typical vegans day look like for breaky lunch dinner and snacks etc any help would be great thanks
I have seen YouTube recommended on this site for recipe ideas. I agree! I have been watching some vegan food channels, both for food ideas and to get an idea of recipes.

I have just switched to vegan 2 weeks ago after years of being vegetarian with intermittent veganism. But, I've been munching on lots of nuts, dried fruits, and fresh fruits.
I agree on Youtube being good for inspiration if you're looking for "Full Day of Eating" type inspo. Just search for Full Day of Eating Vegan or plantbased and lots of people will have videos where they show a full day worth of meals. Niomi Smart is one of them and she also has a cookbook if you want to order that.

If you're also looking for just general meal inspiration there is always Pinterest.

I'm not the type of person that gets bored easily when it comes to food - I like a variety of things and I'm not a picky eater at all, but if I find something I really like I can still easily get stuck on it and have it every day for weeks... so a typical day for me can look like this; porridge (oatmeal) with raspberries, blueberries, mangos, chia seeds, chopped up almonds and cashews (or peanut butter if I'm feeling lazy) for breakfast, then maybe a big veggie wok for lunch and nachos, guacamole, mixed salad, fruit and chickpea chili for dinner. I don't snack a lot - I don't find that I need to really, but when I do I snack on berries, sliced apple with ground cinnamon or peanut/almond butter, pumpkin seeds or chopped up bell peppers.
Check out the three threads here under Food...people list what they ate for breakfast lunch and dinner.

PETA publishes two week vegan meal plans but they are so complex and varied they seem to be for people with a really expensive food budget or a personal chef. HOWEVER its still a great source for getting ideas or new recipes even if you don't follow the plan exactly.
Are you taking a multivitamin. It is also good to get vitamin d from mushrooms so your teeth don't become loose. Calcium is good too.