The Struggle is Meal

Tom L.

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Oct 30, 2012
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New here, don't mind the name, it's what came to mind when pressed to come up with one (if you're old enough, you'll remember a bit of a hedonistic cartoon cougar named snagglepuss). It fits my dilemma of continuously trying and failing to stay high on plants, mostly, I think, for two reasons: One, I struggle with limitations, aka discipline. I want to consume everything.

Anyway, I figured I'd join this forum for motivation. I used to live in Chicago, so going out for healthy food was easy, but now I'm in a vegan desert, surrounded by hunters and fisherman. The closest vegan restaurant is more than an hour away. So if you're going to visit me (on this forum), bring food (or an easy recipe), of your favorite, easy to make concoctions (so easy even a cooking moron can make them).
Welcome, Strugglepuss! And I remember your sort-of-namesake.

{cue a sort of Tony Randall-ish voice}: Exit- Stage Right!...
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