Teaching vegan children - advice?


Sep 2, 2017
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I am a non-vegan teacher have three vegan children starting in our school in September, after years of not having a single vegan!

Now I'm sure it will be fine I am just a little anxious as I don't want to get anything wrong!

Any advice on things I should be considering would be very welcome!

Vegan school dinners are being provided but I won't be around to watch to make sure they doesn't swap food with others?! I really can't give up my lunch break everyday for this though.

We have milk out for the children to drink when they choose, though I'm confident the children joining will know that they are not to drink it.

We have to teach a whole topic about 'The Farm' and have arranged a trip to a local farm.

In arts and crafts we use PVA glue and Pritt sticks - no idea if these are vegan?! We also have wool available for crafts etc.

We do cookery most weeks and would like to make these vegan so the children can join in but recipes I find seem much more complicated and expensive than the non vegan ones I have used in the past.

Like I said, I am sure all will be fine but if there is anything I should be thinking about please let me know!



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Aug 12, 2017
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Hi Lena,

I am sorry that your first response (now deleted) was nastiness from a troll. We have an expression in Yorkshire: “There’s nowt so queer as folk.” And I don’t think that it is a reference to vegans!

As to your query I doubt I can be of any help because I have no experience of working with very little ones. But would it be an idea to allow all the children a choice of orange or milk (in the interests of your three not standing out too much)? Or if that might be considered potentially wasteful by your finance people could the youngsters be asked which they would prefer in the week ahead (an education in forward planning)?


Mark Mywordz

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Apr 16, 2017
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You do know you are worrying too much about this, Lena, don't you? All children are different, as you know. Black, white, shy, playful etc.. These kids are not defined by their veganism. Always give them vegan food but don't control their eating too much, that's not your responsibility.Ask their parents what you should do if they eat some cheese from another child's plate. You will not always see what they eat and might want to make this clear to the parents. It's good that you care enough to ask this question but school is not a prison and you are not their jailer.