Vegan Tahini Sauce/Dip


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Feb 1, 2016
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Here's roughly how I make my latest obsession: Tahini sauce! :D

The second time I made this, I added a scoop of Teta Foods garlic dip (totally not necessary)... decided to do that again here... but I strongly encourage creativity & improvisation! :yes:


Basically, use about a 1/2-cup or so of tahini, a little of your preferred spices/seasoning (I like to use garlic powder, smoked paprika, Mrs. Dash, & nooch)* - start small, add more later if needed - and a few teaspoons (4 or 5) of fresh lemon juice (more if you like things a bit tangier)....

2-3-19 TahiniSauce1.JPG
2-3-19 TahiniSauce2.JPG

Start whisking things together, then begin to add water (cool or room-temp, preferably purified/filtered) in very small splashes or spoonfuls. It'll go through a frighteningly ugly phase, but only briefly.... :confused:

2-3-19 TahiniSauce3.JPG

Keep whisking & adding water bit by bit**... because then something truly magical happens.... <3

2-3-19 TahiniSauce4.JPG

Easy, delicious, & pretty damn healthy tahini sauce!! :starshower:I love it with falafel & fries. :drool:

** Obviously, if you desire a thinner sauce, use more water. If you want it thicker.... yeah, you got this. :cool:
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I think I hate tahini but I should try it again, especially with something like this.

I was at my daughter’s this weekend and she just bought a jar. I meant to take some but I forgot. Darn!