Sweet chilli black beans hummus


Jun 29, 2020
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For this recipe you will need:

400g dry black beans
120g of tahini
1 lemon juiced
2 medium garlic cloves
50ml olive oil
1tsp ground cumin
salt/pepper to taste
120ml sweet wine, with the alcohol previously burned out (I normally use "moscatel" with 15%)
2 chillis, deseeded (you can swap them for peppers, caramelized onions, etc)

First of all you need to soak the beans with cold water all overnight, so you'll be able to cook them properly after. You can use canned ones if you want, but i prefer to cook mines: less preservatives. In the morning take the water out, rinse and put in a pot with at least 1l of COLD water: they will need a long cook (around 40-45 minutes)
Whne they are cooked drain the excess of water ant allow them to cool by themselves. Put them in a pot and add the tahini, lejon juice, garlic cloves (take out the germ), olive oil, sweet wine and chillies, and blend everything together. Now add the spices to taste (cumin, paprika, pepper and salt) and that's it. Enjoy!
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Jun 22, 2020
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MH! Garlic and lemon.... killer combo. Lets go on an adventure and add Chillis and sweet wine? Count me in! Cumin on top? Please.

Unfortunately I dislike Tahini... I can see its place in the recipe but I hope I can find something I could replace it with. Ideas?
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