Survey questions for my Senior app idea? (Find vegan food items near by via app)


Nov 20, 2019
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Hey guys im going around asking some questions for my research about my senior app. Im trying to build an app that allows users with specific diets (Vegan for example) to find food near by from restaurants, not just restaurants but the actual FOOD items from the menu.
I have a few questions to ask if you are able to answer some of these for me I just need as much feedback as possible it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

1. How do you stick to your diet outside of home? Do you pack lunch to work?

2. How do you currently find new restaurants or foods that will work with your diet needs? Do you find it difficult to find foods that will fit your diet?

3. Are you ever forced to break your diet by a lack of choices? If so in what scenario does this typically happen?

4. How would an app that finds Vegan friendly foods near by help you? Would you use this app? why or why not?

5. What sort of features would you like to see in an app like this? what features would make you use this type of app?