Aug 14, 2018
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Hi! Im new to this site so be humble because I dont really know how this works.. but, I would LOVE to start a vegan restaurant/café in Sweden - Stockholm. Does anyone know where (or from who) it might be possible to get a contribution for this?

Would anyone help fund this dream of mine?

Maybe someone else has this lifedream and is as serious as I am about it? :blush:
Hi Ninnie, and welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure what you mean by contribution. Do you mean a financial contribution? If so, you might try 'Go Fund Me'. I don't know much about it, but here's a link to their website. It seems to work for some people, but see what it's about for yourself...
Have you ever considered starting with a vegan food concession stand or truck? I've considered that before.
Hi Ninnie!

Not sure if the following are US-only, but have you looked into crowd funding like:

I don't have any leads to starting a business in Stockholm, but as a fellow entrepreneur, I just wanted to congratulate you for wanting to take this step! Throughout your journey, when the road gets dark or foggy, and it gets harder to move forward, remember to trust yourself. You have the sense of direction built in you! Trust and do. Best of luck!!!