1. V


    Hello! I’m starting this thread for us who lives in Sweden, are staying in Sweden or will visit Sweden in the future. I’m hoping we could share places to eat, places to live and maybe also meet up for vegan fika or meal/potlucks sometimes! My name is Malou, I’m working as a server at the vegan...
  2. M

    Someone served me meat at a restaurant

    I was on holiday in Greece and we went to a restaurant and I ordered a veggie plate which came with veggie gyros (the waiter even pulled out his phone to translate what it was made of, chickpeas). Meal came, tasted pretty realistic but my non-veggie friend was pretty sure it was veggie. Went...
  3. R

    Service Vegan App being developed! Apply here.

    I am currently developing an app to help increase visibility of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and catering services in your local area. Anyone is free to fill out the questionnaire below to see if you fit the user type I am looking to test. Make sure to put your email in the form so I can reach...
  4. C

    Best kitchen tools for the vegan restaurant

    I plan to start a new restaurant business in the vegan style. The menu is not too wide. Could I get some advice on what kitchen tools are better? And what is necessary to take?
  5. C

    Should restaurants to serve both vegan & non-vegan options?

    Hi all. I was just wondering if its really reasonable to expect restaurants to serve both vegan and non-vegan food options. Would the "contamination" risk (e.g. foods touching each other) be too high? Is the food truly vegan if its served and prepared alongside non-vegan foods? As a vegan, is...
  6. Queen of Strawberries

    Going to chipotle - any hidden animal products?

    I'm going to Chipotle with my family tonight. I haven't gone there for over two years (I ate meat then). I've looked at their website and they have a list of vegan options - but just to make sure: any hidden animal products I need to know about? thanks!
  7. Ninnie

    Starting a vegan restaurant

    Hi! Im new to this site so be humble because I dont really know how this works.. but, I would LOVE to start a vegan restaurant/café in Sweden - Stockholm. Does anyone know where (or from who) it might be possible to get a contribution for this? Would anyone help fund this dream of mine...
  8. jhanc

    Events New upscale plant-based pop-up restaurant!

    Hi All! There's a really cool plant-based pop-up restaurant starting up this month. It's a small, high-end event - 36 seats in a private residence, valet, multiple courses, paired beverages, wait staff. Food is IN-CRED-I-BLE! I can help get discounted tix to a secret opening night next Thursday...
  9. F

    Product Crowdfunding - vegan restaurant

    Hi, Let me be honest, I registered here because of this campaign. In my country and city there's no vegan restaurant at all. It was earlier and we all remember how positive effects it had to the community. Vegan society in BiH registered thanks to that restaurant. Here is the link...