1. N


    I am a new vegan. I have been eating meat my whole life. However, I changed to a vegan lifestyle recently and noticed that I have been having mild headaches for the past few weeks. I have been vegan for a month in total. Is this normal? Any advice on how to avoid this if it is normal.
  2. Owwku

    Vegan T-shirt

    Hello, I've recently bought this Vegan T-shirt and I would recommend everyone to try it out. It has a really cool design, simple but with a strong message. I really hope you like it.
  3. Ninnie

    Starting a vegan restaurant

    Hi! Im new to this site so be humble because I dont really know how this works.. but, I would LOVE to start a vegan restaurant/café in Sweden - Stockholm. Does anyone know where (or from who) it might be possible to get a contribution for this? Would anyone help fund this dream of mine...
  4. Dennie

    The effects of being vegan for me.

    Being vegan for me is addicting. It just makes me feel great all the time. I don't feel great all the time because of being vegan, but it definitely is a contributing factor. I rarely feel sluggish anymore unless its because I haven't eaten, been drinking water, or haven't slept enough. If all...