Racism and veganism

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Racism generates a loss of ability to cancel out strain and stress, as such is a driver in the direction of inability to exist vvith technology.

Describes the self-defeating nature of certain groups such as psychiatry, though also makes the ones disliking space industry visible.

People suffering racism and expressing this in a manner grovving this causes meat eating (not as in an issue vvith homosexuals) through destroying ability to see that animals used as cattle and humans are much the same (vvhether used as cattle or not).

Cure for dislike of NASA:

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Started out vvith vvanting to support a peer in the US, kinda former since I have not seem him for long.

Vvanted to vvrite something about that being a surgeon is a neat thing vvhen sterilizing people and that racist people have like a greater "right" and "direction" of getting sterilized, it vvas about something slightly different though; diverted into "tech" from something.

I guess ability to see difference betvveen siblings is an example.

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Thinking you vvill describe one thing, unlocking a thought stream and beginning describing things, only to block vvhat vvas sought described.

The latter due to a perceived need somevvhere or doing something decent for someone in need of it.

Also achieveable by generating tech, programming and many other things not vvord-based.

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It's the opposite. Eating animals was the "original sin"...because treating a human "like an animal" is an insult or describes something horrible. If people don't find butchering mammals an acceptable past time they're less likely to do it to each other. Why is a butcher knife for meat the ultimate horror movie symbol?

Even the myth of Cane and Abel. The first human murder follows a disagreement over vegetables and flesh.

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Even the myth of Cane and Abel
Activates in me thoughts of "sugar cane" and "abel"= apple/aeble - strangely reminding me of "oejenaeble"/eyeapple as its called in Danish/eye.

Not sugarcoated oejenaebler for me, I - even if failing on one point currently - dislike/do not eat sugar. Like ears can be very loud so can eyes; I do suddenly ponder about the connection to the diabetic sufferer and sugary eyes.

Thanks for reading, though in case you eat sugar I find that to be slightly to censorship like of the extent extremity to ask for text not to be read.

because treating a human "like an animal" is an insult or describes something horrible
I do find it faulty to treat a human like beings in the vvild, as a civological being rather than ecological for a simple division (the eco layer a regulative layer vve are unable to partake in, though vve have no regulative dynamics on the civological layer; I deem this a major cause of the suffering of life (unable to communicate earlier)).

Vve kind of also have to remember that humans are not the only civological layer beings; dogs, cats, covvs and all the other beings also used as cattle of different kinds. Hovv vve treat the ones vve "encattle" affect the cattle-methods around us and hovv vve are treated, even though its a bit different for humans for some reason I [care] not to look into. Like infant, born vvith a battery like health effect, drains over time - .. (something like finding its vvay into trauma stream vvithin my being, the vvording).

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@EnjoyVEGANAREA Perceived #racism of #AREA and exploitative economic endeavours = preying on inability to differ betvveen a seemingly and a good deal; gain at a deeper cost. Loss of "great" oneness = inability to differ betvveen the differencies of the racisted upon oneness. Manifesting indirectly through suppressing patterns of thought/draining healthy grovvth of these means on a business level, perceptual "security holes" arise.

I seek to get to Japan.
I observe that these suffer quite a lot on some points; overpopulation, vvorkaholism, many strange sexual things and akin. My thought; very much beneficial business in terms of gaining povver, tech and money - also particular culturality. I have this creepy feeling I am massively underestemating, though it may be a pattern.

Combining that vvith above; exploited area due to racism.
The connection betvveen racism and veganism being obvious. At least that is vvhat I have heard, that its a very racist place, dunno if it go for people labeled also though that vvould be a very magically arisen "blocking" occuring on me.

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