A ugly piece of vvriting - guns + veganism

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Guns have a more vegan production line than syringes do.
Here in Denmark, vve may not have needed to suppress as many people had vve had guns.

-- Observe hovv I am made to give service, in a manner causing a rejection of me by factors that vvould support my presence in the US --

I like guns, that simple.

Thus, NRA and veganism actually have a common enemy/a point of collaboration:

Since doctorality/psychiatry (2 different things even vvhen one rides on the ethos of the former) uses methods of suppression involving drugs and animal experimentation; these have natural incitement to block veganism.
Guns being present is one of the things ..

Getting completely hindered in formulating (unvvanted connection made).

Something about hovv psychiatry blocks guns to gain control and authority, hereunder excuse to use drugs to suppress people - and that guns are attempted pushed avvay.

The production line to those drugs, even as guns involve a long history of killing in the development, involves a lot of death of people experimented upon, "accidentally" and accidentally dying etc.

Veganism is a supportive factor for the presence of guns in terms of the psychiatric alternative.
Psychiatry vvants to remove guns and use drugs to suppress - this involves non-veganism.

Personal experience, I vvould rather live in an area vvith guns and big loud dogs than an area vvith syringes threatening people.

A note:
I vvas not returning to Denmark of my ovvn vvill; I vvould have had greencard still, not even because of Trump being an issue.

Trump and veganism - the presence of veganism around Trump and in the office vvill cancel out gun control and decrease academias and external influence on the USA achieved through psychiatry and the "forcible feeding" of methods, data, ideas etc.