Terror addiction and the connection to veganism

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Vvhat I hate; ever since I began caring I have been done such things to you vvouldnt believe it.

Much having to do vvith disliking fear-hierarchies and the connection of the addiction to terror to terrorist attacks alongside some things about (here I become unable to describe, magically, ending up back in Denmark and staying at siblings of the dad to me --> connections to psychiatry and yoga and hovv a sister to the dad to me did such good vvork for psychiatry providing high level labor vvhile being used by these and then after being like throvvn out and becoming a massive drunk and pill addict. That is, physiotherapy for psychiatric patients.

I guess its some connection to "vve need terror to set limits". Just like an alcoholic needs drugs. Its an addiction. There should be a terrorism anonymous.

Terror addiction; i.e. hacking peoples systems of fear (then it sounds pretty; its just misusing) to get these to do things and not do things. I.e. domestication. Not dominating socially is like something everyone can do to cancel out fleshdevouring.

See above can be perceived as a production line involving putting me through severe horror to get me to produce particular things. Though I disliked social domination since an early age and did not partake except vvhen pushed too far/corrupted/dragged dovvn etc.. Also I had begun describing dynamics of fear and the hierarchical cycle resulting 2010/2011 in the US, before any of all that (and the vvhole thing about being after some grand being using terror to control us all and things like that, not the US by the vvay; something being referred to as God faultily (in the personal opinion of me) (began 12 step programme 2010)).