Psa: stay away from evolving alpha online programs - i wasted 297!

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I signed up for one of their programs called the 10 Week Vegan Lean Bulk Macro Coaching Program.

After seeing the program and trying to figure it out, I was so extremely disappointed with the overall quality and delivery of their program that I requested a refund within days of signing up.

I was told they don't provide refunds.

I disputed the charge on my credit card but was not successful even though I provided information about what I feel was false advertising. My state does not have good consumer protection laws. They provided a response to credit card company and said that 'he gave up'.

Some things that were advertised versus what was actually offered:

Advertised: Weekly Meal Plan

Actual: One day meal plan, told to repeat every day of the week, except for a minor variation on one day (IIRC). The meals consisted of a few specific foods and "sauce".

Advertised: Video demonstrations of each exercise

Actual: No videos. No demonstrations. Just PDFs with exercises names.

Advertised: You will learn how to track your food

Actual: Basic and confusing instructions provided for calculating protein from protein powder and tofu. Instructed to use your favorite food tracking app and enter your food into it.

Advertised: Tells you how many reps and sets to do

Actual: Just unlabeled numbers (e.g. 3x5)

Also, despite continuing to get 'New content is available emails', I cannot login to the website and when I try to 'Send recovery info', it says my email is 'Not found'.

In pursuing a BBB complaint, I also found that their business is not in good standing with the State of Louisiana, which doesn't surprise me.

I bought this program because I'm strapped for time and I ended up spending 3 hours on a weekend only to figure that I should be eating some protein powder and a certain amount of tofu every day, and finally figuring out which tracking app to use.

0 out of 5 stars

Would not buy again.

I hope they will modify their business practices in the future to be more customer friendly and ensure that their customers are satisfied with their programs and purchase.

If you want a suggestion for a solid coaching program, check out While it's not geared specifically toward veganism, it's all habit based, there's no calorie counting, and there's a money-back guarantee. I definitely achieved my goals while on their program (gained 30 lbs, 190lbs to 220lbs), but that was back before I stopped eating meat/dairy (now at 160lbs), which is why I wanted a coaching program geared specifically for vegans. I'd also like to mention that Precision Nutrition used to have a vegan on their team (Ryan Andrews) who was very influential in helping me to make the switch.

If anyone knows of an SOLID coaching program or coach specifically geared for vegans, LET ME KNOW!!!