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Nov 18, 2015
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Hi I'm new, just wondering if there are any views on part time veganism. I've just become a vegon, but occasionally treat myself to a pork chop. I make sure its free range pork from a well bred and fed pig that has lived a happy life. Any views on this.
Many of us would not because we don't eat meat for a reason but I know some eat for health reasons so their choice. It's not anyones business what someone eats but I am not sure you can really say vegan lol
I think Germaine Greer was a long time vegetarian. I read that she had a liking for game meat because it was natural.
Of all the ways to break the vegan diet, I'd say killing a pig is possibly the worst. In general they are the most intelligent animal that gets slaughtered and consumed on a regular basis. Also if you actually look at the standards of what the industry deigns to call 'free range' you may very well be shocked - these are not happy pigs. Pigs that are forcibly raised at an accelerated rate and then had their lives cut short for little other purpose than what gets called a 'chop'? It's not 'pork', it's a dead pig. It's not a chop - it's bone, blood, sinew, muscle, and other membranes.

I am personally of the opinion that cheagans, vegons, whatever else they are calling themselves, don't help the vegan name achieve what it sets out to do. Veganism is an unadulterated lifestyle/diet - from my experience of watching the vegan community grow I have come to the conclusion that it should remain so (and therefore the name should remain so). Whereas the individual effort might well be on the right track, I just don't think muddying 'vegan' is helpful to anyone.

If you're looking for a label I'd go with 'flexitarian'. I do not criticise your attempt to reduce your consumption of animal products, only I would say to you that one cannot use 'vegan' and yet retain the perception about 'meat' that you do.
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I understand veganism to go beyond just what you eat. It embraces clothing, cosmetics, medicines, in fact everything that involves the consumption and/or torture of animals.
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I guess that pig's happy life was over the day it went to the slaughter you could eat it. Being a vegan is to be against animal cruelty.
I really hope you're being sarcastic!

The agriculture industry is about supply and demand. If you buy the product, they will keep sourcing the product. If you buy the 'pork', they will therefore kill the pig. And most vegans would not wish to sustain themselves off the death of other animals. Again, the likelihood is it was never a happy pig and it was born into a cruel system simply because the demand was there.
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