Palm oil


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Sep 2, 2012
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Peterborough, England
I keep reading bad things about palm oil. I also keep reading that it's in so many products, including food and cosmetics.
My questions are:
Where can I find some concise information on it? I have found a lot on google but it's overwhelming.
What is it in and not in?
How can you tell?
Where does everyone stand on it? Do you avoid it completely? Try to reduce your use of it? Or not fussed?
Thanks xxx
I don't avoid it completely, but I try to minimise my consumption. I think you'll just have to read the ingredients lists to find out, although sometimes it's camouflaged with a more innocent-sounding name.

In addition to the problematic environment aspect of palm oil, there are of course also the health concerns since it contains so much saturated fats.
I've been trying to majorly reduce my use of it, the pictures of the injured/dead orangutans got to me. :(
It's been hard though, it seems to be in just about everything.
I, too, am taking steps to reduce my consumption of palm oil.
The thing that brought it to mind for me was Earth Balance. I consume huge's the only margarine in the house. The whole family uses it. I just switched to the Willow brand but now the store that was carrying it didn't have it when I went there last week. :( So frustrating!

It really is in so many things...I'll try and see what else I have that has it and report back.
I try to limit the amount of palm oil I consume, although it can be difficult as it's often in specialist vegan products. I want to make more effort to do so in the future. At the moment I'm also trying to increase the amount of fair trade and locally grown food I'm buying. Sometimes though it's difficult to do it all.

I sometimes see "sustainable sourced palm oil" or words to that effect on packaging, does anybody know what this really means and if it's a genuinely an ethical alternative? :s
Thanks for your responses so far.
Are there any obvious/well known products containing it and clear alternatives that spring to mind? Xxx

I can't think of any products I use that actually contain it. I'm sure there must be a few, but the ones I use that are usually culprits (Vitalite, various vegan chocolate products) don't use it. I'm not sure if it is as prevalent in the UK as in the USA.

There's this BBC study on major food companies, but at a glance (I'm at work right now) the majority of them have very few vegan products. Premier foods might be a bit of a worry (Hovis, Mr. Kipling, Bisto).