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Mar 1, 2016
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Our attitudes to animals are similar to our attitudes to different races of humans. Racist. Speciesist.

Many so called vegans are no different to non vegans in reality. There is absolutely no difference in what they believe and practice...when it comes to treating animals differently according to the species and title "pet" or "farm" animal

Our attitudes to animals are similar to our attitudes to different races of humans. Racist. Speciesist. PETS are the priority FARM ANIMALS at the bottom of the pile.

80 billion land animals and a few trillion marine life and fish are killed for human and pet consumption every year world wide. 30 percent of them pet food. For a human population of 8 billion people where 20% of the world population eat 80% of the animals currently.

Oh wild life...the other "favorite" adulated species of animals humans love to coo over...are now only 4% of animals on the planet...humans are 36% and farm animals are 60% animal agriculture has driven real wild life extinct of course 80 % of usable land is for growing farm animal feed.

We claim to believe that all people of any colour are equal in importance...black or white...we say we believe in BLM Black Lives Matter ...just like ? we claim to believe we love animals...Britain claims to be a "nation of animal lovers" but actually murders 20 million of them every day...1 billion per year ...

We pretend to claim all human lives matter yet let people drown and starve in millions world wide.

We would be appalled if a pet dog or cat were caged all day with only room to stand up and turn around in...but think that is totally ok for broiler chickens who are in 1m2 cages 19 adult size ones all their short lives.

We would be disgusted if puppies were produced on puppy farms...and killed off at age 6 weeks old as chickens are

We think it disgusting some people like China Korea Vietnam etc have puppy farms for dog meat and cat farms for cat meat humans eat. Why ? they are just animals just the same as lambs chickens pigs.

We would be disgusted if dogs and cats were bred non stop to produce puppies and kittens to sell as pets or meat as chickens are.

Yet all the farm animals we force to have babies by raping them artificially inseminating them and then taking away in the case of dairy cows their babies at once from them to kill...are babies.

We kill the 20 million animals murdered in the uk every day at an average age of 2 months old...40 million per year 1 day old male chicks are suffocated or ground up alive to death in the uk...6 billiion world wide...half of all egggs aare males......chickens are 6 weeks old when killed unnaturally adult size...lambs priciest are 2 months old maximum 4 months...pigs 4 months old...and the dairy calves a few months old if not only days old...dairy adult cows get killed off at age 6 years not their natural life of 20 years...

Recentlly ....the media made a big story to mock vegans again...vegan bashing is popular...it relieves the sense of any guilt people feel discomfort at killing innocent animals by the very sight or sound of the word VEGAN pricking their consciences...so lashouts are normal self defence of the human subconscious....

Cowardly vegans find and grasp quickly any opportunity to vegan bash themselves...to endear themselves to non vegans more...trying to be seen a nice vegans who do not upset non vegans...

Rcently some story about a man ditching his girlfriend because she objected to his pet cat eating chickens baby chicks suffocated to deaht suffocated to death fish or baby lambs and baby piglets....and the media made out the girlfirned was as some called her a "psycho" a "terrible person" even an "animal abuser" for wishing the cat to be fed vegan instead of killing suffocated to death hundreds thousands of baby chicks.

I do not have a problem with carnivore species pets...i feed them vegan. Species appropriate by law never a recall in over 30 years healthy vegan pet food.

That means i am not a psycho and i fail to see who is a psycho ... the alleged vegan in the article is unlikely to be a psycho either. Vegans seemto like to dump on other vegans quickly it is obvious rather than be supportive and positive. The media presented the story to make fun of vegans generally...and it seems to have worked well getting vegans against vegans is clear. Rather than seeing the article for what it is...a mocking of vegans...presenting the story in a particular light to suit the motive to mock vegans generally. I just laughed and thought nothing bad of vegans...but i agree that is not the objective of the article the way it was written. No basis to call anyone like that vegan in the story a terrible person. had the vegan said feed the cat vegan or kill the cat instead of chickens that also would not make them a terrible person either.

Who are we to judge who is a terrible person ? a cat killer or a chicken killer ? it is up to the persons beliefs who they want to kill or not kill ...in this case...animals were being killed...so lets not start on about calling people terrible people for killing animals either i suggest.

There was nothing incorrect in my seeing a vegan or vegans generally called psychos and terrible persons for not wishing to be in a relationship with a non vegan...and not wishing to kill animals. All i repeat is lighten up imho to see it is funny how easy the media can invent stories to make vegans look like fools and get vegans attacked by other vegans. No one...killing animals needs to be called a psycho or terrible person. No one. Name calling people terms like that is violent and hostile. It is perfectly legal to kill animals.

Just as calling non vegans pschos and terrible persons is not acceptable nor is calling vegans this for simply choosing to not kill animals.

Far too much of this is going on in the so called vegan community...ridiculing and making vegans out to be horrible psychos simply for not wanting to kill thousands of animals.

I will add...accusations against persons like myself of being "animal abusers" are also common place from so called vegans...why ? do I need to spell it out ? because i refuse to kill thousands of animals to feed my vegan fed cat. I am vegan...i do not kill animals bred by humans. Period.

There are people who kill and eat animals...so ? it is clear they are considered "psychos" and "terrible people" by some people using those terms.

I suggest again...stop the accusations of such derogatory terms...if so strong to lash out at a VEGAN why are the same people not lashing out at the non vegans in this group or the world generally as "psychos" and "terrible people" ? well ? i would like to know why if there is a valid reason. ps naturally i would add...also stop calling people "animal abusers" for either killing animals or not killing them...because it really is unacceptable...to call people like me who do not kill bred by humans animals "animal abusers" for feeding my cat and dogs vegan...far too many times this takes place...i do not go around calling animal eaters in this group "animal abusers" and those calling ME that have not the guts to call the animal eaters these names hey.

Seems attacking VEGANS is more fun to everyone. Unfortunately.

Actually...we may have unearthed...discovered...a major mental flaw in the human psyche here on this thread.... It occurred to me...why is it...other than possible cowardice as a reason...that people do not go around calling the non vegans in this group "psychos" and "terrible people" and "animal abusers" ??? why not ? but those very same people...have NO problem calling a VEGAN an "animal abuser" and "psycho" and "terrible person" ? When it happens...it always seems to be over ? PETS ! As in this case...a VEGAN...a person who never kills bred by humans animals...wants a cat to either be fed vegan or got rid of...and is suddenly a "terrible person" and "psycho" A VEGAN...a person who never kills bred by humans animals...feeds their cat or dog legal vegan pet food...and is called the same names and an "animal abuser" is another standard lash out.

Let us examine what could be the possible reasons for these differences....

1. PETS are more important than FARM ANIMALS ? meaning it is perfectly ok not psycho to kill farm animals but a pet one is psycho ?

but that makes no sense...we all are complicit every day to the killing of unwanted pet animals...4 million per year are killed in the USA alone. 9 billion a year farm animals are killed in the USA alone.

2. What other reason ? reasons ?

I thought i could make a list...but after number 1 reason...i am stuck ! I can think of no other reason ! Is it actually true...that so called vegans are no differnt in reality to non vegans in their attitudes to animals...because that is actually what i think this reason means ... shows. Vegans might bang on about "do not kill farm animals" but in reality they do not really mind...so long as the animals are not PET species dogs and cats specifically or any animal given the title PET including a pet python...it is perfectly ok to kill farm animals...and whether for pet or human consumption...no one is going to call anyone names like PSYCHO or TERRIBLE PERSON or ANIMAL ABUSER for killing a farm animal.

I am grateful for this thought provoking post...it was not my intention to delve into such depths of the mind of humans...it was as i stated my intention to "amuse" people at the media mocking putting down a VEGAN and banking easily that everyone would call the vegan a "terrible person" and "psycho" and "animal abuser" However...on seeing the reactions in the responses received...and the "name calling" of vegans who put farm animals lives in high esteem...i realise...we can all see..."farm animals lives are not really important" to most people.

Sobering thought and realisation of the truth behind the rhetoric. We do not name call animal killers and eaters...because farm animals lives do not really matter.

Our attitudes to animals are similar to our attitudes to different races of humans. Racist. Speciesist.

Many so called vegans are no different to non vegans in reality. There is absolutely no difference in what they believe and practice...when it comes to treating animals differently according to the species and title "pet" or "farm" animal

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