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Apr 27, 2016
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Drais, Germany
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Please try out our new search engine on

Whenever you are looking for all kinds of vegan stuff like recipes, food, and restaurants of course, but also fashion, fitness, health, beauty & travel, please! I would like to get your feedback, because it is absolutely brand new.

The reason why it is ad-free is because I think advertising in general is something to critise. It influences people to do something mostly because of others' interests in making profits. So advertising for a leather jacket for example would make someone buy a more expensive jacket than a textile one, thus making more revenue although the guy would otherwise prefer a textile jacket because there is no benefit in it other than being more valuable because of exploiting an animal for producing it. As a consequence a tool for vegans to search for information should be ad-free, because they want to decide based on everybodies needs, not just humans.