Need more iodine in my diet.


Nov 28, 2017
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Need more iodine in my diet. my multivitamin only gives me 38% rda

Hi ladies and gents.

I’ve been advised to get more iodine in my diet.

You can find my diet here
Is my whole food plant based diet good or/does need suggestions??

I’m only getting 38% from my vits and mins.
Does anyone know here where I can buy iodine or iodised salt in the UK or is there a supplement in the UK that will help me. I’ve found some on amazon but they are home presses or capsules and to much iodine can cause thyroid problems.
So I don’t trust them. They just come in plastics bags also.
I have however while picking up my tofu from the Chinese shop. Been buying seaweed. And it states don’t eat more than 35g per days due to thyroid. So if I was to go this route. How much seaweed would I need per day from it.
A tablet would be so much easier though.

Wish you all had a great Xmas and all the best in the new year.

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Get some dried Atlantic dulse. It's quite delicious, and also quite high in iodine. It is sold in Canada from coast to coast. Not sure if it's available in the UK, but it should be I'm guessing. Sushi nori seaweed is also high in iodine.
I've heard that iodized salt isn't a good way to get iodine, because it is a "halogen", and this is bad for some reason. Maybe it evaporates off the salt? Then again, I've read that it's possible to get hyperthyroidism from consuming too much iodized salt. I've heard on Reddit I think it was to only consume 3 teaspoons of the broth from kombu/kelp. Never eat kelp. The book by David Brownstein MD about iodine is something I've heard is helpful. I've also heard about putting iodine tincture onto your arm and then seeing how many hours it takes to absorb. Matt Monarch has a video about this.
I use iodized salt, and really dislike food from the sea, but, to get iodine in a whole plant food way--

I use a small amount per day of iodized salt and put wakame (ground up) in our morning smoothies. Not a lot, ground up probably 1/4-1/2 tsp.

Emma JC