Moving to Berlin

Almost six months ago we did something similar, moving to Canberra, the capital of Australia. on the first day here we found, by accident, the equivalent of the tourist information office which is run by volunteers. one of the things we did was ask about food and where to go to.

Once in the correct area of the capital the rest was easy so to speak. We stopped for a drink at a health/nutrition bar and asked where we could get Almond milk from etc and we were told which shop to use and that at this time of day we would be better going to one of the local supermarkets crossed with a corner shop to get it. Did we know where they were? we did because it had been drawn onto a paper map of the city for us, one of those tourist guides... people added to it as the saw fit.

You will have no problems finding out once you are there, if you are prepared to talk to people and ask for information. explaining that you have only just arrived in the country usually works wonders of you are polite.
Heya, I guess you must be here in Berlin by now and have discovered the huge vegan scene. If not, rest assured you will not be short of choice. Do you speak German? There's a thing called a Stammtisch (a regular meeting) each month of Berlin vegans that I know about, probably there are many. Here's the facebook link to the one I know of anyway:

The link is to the next meeting 17th March. It's run by Berlin Vegan so you can follow them to be in the loop for all subsequent meetups.

p.s. Knowing German for the Stammtisch is not necessary, most there speak English and many don't speak German. I just asked since if you know German you know what a Stammtisch is :)