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Jan 3, 2016
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Hello everyone!

After literal months of waiting it's finally time for ourselves to join the rest of the world on Xenforo 2.1!, Xenforo 2.1 is a huge upgrade from our current 1.x that adds tonnes of features on which you can read more about here, from 13:00 GMT this Sunday we'll be going down for roughly half an hour possibly a little longer so it's going to be completely normal to see error messages while trying to access the forum, considering how large this upgrade is I'll post a few updates while the upgrade takes place via our Twitter account if you prefer to stay informed.

Unfortunately there's a fairly big downside to upgrading to this new version of Xenforo and the downside is that literally nothing is compatible coming from Xenforo 1.x to 2.1 which means all our add-ons are no longer going to work and they need replacing, luckily there's alternatives or developers have rewrote their add-ons to be compatible with this new version, however the moods function is going to have to be removed as the developer currently has no plans develop it for the newer version of Xenforo and the ratings system we use is going to have reduced functionality, we'll definitely add moods back to the forum once someone picks the add-on backup though the ratings system may very well no longer be a thing... Let us know your thoughts!

Speaking of the rating system as from the upgrade we'll only have the following reactions, we'll migrate what we can into compatible reactions but this does mean that your now "reaction score" will decrease somewhat.
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If you haven't done so already you can find the new version of the forum here but again this is just a preview and is not the live version of the forum so please don't post anything. Hopefully you'll notice that the whole forum feels somewhat a bit snappier, there's probably going to be a few teething issues as again it's a huge upgrade if you do happen to find anything post a thread in the suggestions/bugs forum. :)
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