CA Howdy from Canada!

Hello @Vegan Screenplay Gal , welcome to the forum from a fellow vegan in Germany :)

So, what kind of vegan screenplays do you write?
Hello @Andy_T and thanks for the welcome! I have 3 or 4 projects in mind, I have finished my first draft on a short, and also working on a feature. They are all fiction but based on reality. My aim is to make them relatable, heartfelt, light and fun, nothing too preachy. Not obvious at ALL...but I'm trying. This particular story involves two estranged siblings sharing acreage, one has a 'regular' farm (raising animals) and the other has transitioned ...runs an animal sanctuary and practices vegan regenerative permaculture principles. And then something happens forcing them to talk to each other. Please send positive vibes lol ! ✍️:tired:😊