How can i help save the bugs from the villa’s pool?


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Jul 2, 2017
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We’re on holiday in Croatia. Our villa has a pool, but loads of bugs get in there. There’s no pool cover here that I’m aware of. I’ve hooked some out with the nets, but there could have been a few left in there. There’s probably loads in there now.
I love all animals, including bugs. I am generally against killing them unnecessarily.
Please be kind.
Thanks in advance.
Have a great day/night!
If you had an accident and fell into the pool but managed to take a big breath without exhaling before the plunge, it’s possible your body could serve as a makeshift life raft for the bugs and save some of them from certain death. The flesh eating and/or blood sucking ones would have a great opportunity to get a good meal before flying away. If it was remembered at all in Bug history or Bug Theology, bugs for generations might celebrate your sacrifice, drink blood and eat skin remembering your sacrifice for them.

Father Bug: “ And that, son, is why we can continue to feast on human flesh without guilt”

Baby Bug: “ But da, was it real blood and flesh?”

Father Bug: “ Of course it was, son. What, do you think it was some sort of analogy for bread and grape juice? Don’t be ridiculous. Only a real ethical Vegan could have made such a sacrifice to save so many. A mere plant eater would never be so noble. The difference is as wide as a King to a peasant. This is why the story was titled: King of the Bugs”.