Hope for paws rescues an injured duck


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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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I've been waiting for a good excuse to post another Hope For Paws video.

They have a fundraiser going right now and its pretty easy to send them $5.

I thought this duck video was pretty cool.

The irony of such rescues which are mostly "pet" dog and cat focused...is that such an animal, a duck, is fed standard in the food given to the dogs and cats. Dr Armaiti May the vegan vet in the usa is campaigning in NY for rescues to feed vegan. It is moral schizophrenia that we coo and are sympathetic when we see a live animal in our faces, but think nothing of that same animal being in food. Suffering of human bred and killed animals is enormous, such rescues attract sympathy and funds to feed that very species to dogs and cats unfortunately.