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Dec 1, 2012
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Hi am Alex and am a new vegan well am hoping to be for a long time yet i am transgender male married to an man and have no kids but i have my two babies called ninja (10 ) and tigger ( 11 ) i was vegetarian before becoming vegan the reason am hoping to be for a long time yet its maybe that me and my husband cant afford it because we are on benefits am disabled ( due to mental health ) and my husband is my carer
i love all animals and i would be upset if i have to go back to being veggie again am hoping that we can afford it

i have a lot of questions about being vegan i know no animal products at all
my husband is a meat eater and will never be veggie or vegan but he likes some veggie and vegan stuff just he likes his meat too much ( watch i find disgusting ewwww ) ( please dont have ago at me for having a meat eater husband ( for mental health reasons )

anyway thats me
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Jul 30, 2017
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Hello Alex, and welcome to the forum.

First of all, congrats on going vegan. I will not criticize you for having a meat eating partner. That said, I can't imagine having to smell it, let alone see it on a daily basis. Nonetheless, this is your life, and not for me to judge.

As far as affordability goes, a vegan diet can definitely be far less expensive than an omnivore or even vegetarian diet goes. It depends on how much processed vegan food you want. The staples are actually very inexpensive. Rice and beans are still pennies a pound, as in less than a dollar per pound. Most of the grains, legumes, and starches aren't that expensive. If you buy organic, that will obvious cost more.

The truth here is meat is likely an omnivores biggest food expense. I could live on rice and beans for a very long time, costing very little each day. Add some inexpensive or on-sale fruits and veggies in there and you're good to go. B12 supplementation is cheap. You really have nothing else to worry about. Vegan diet can be not only the healthiest diet in the world, but the cheapest as well.

Check out this video. It's a bit long, but she spells it out for those who think it's expensive to be vegan.