Hair Salons


Jan 4, 2016
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Just a thought- when going into spa's or hairdressing salons, would you only consider venues that provided vegan products?
I guess one option would be to take your own vegan shampoos/conditioners for staff to use, if they were happy to do this.
I always take my own body washes into spa's, but I am due a sports massage soon, should I take my own oil?

I hadn't thought about this until I had my hair cut today. I think Paul Mitchell products in Salons are vegan.

I am trying to use vegan/cruelty free cosmetics and toiletries only, which is easy in my own home but less easy when going into venues.

Hi Blueberry,

You make a really interesting point. I don't usually get my hair cut (I cut it myself) but if I were you I'd call ahead of time to ask about their products. Most oils are vegan, just watch out for musk.

There are lots of hairdressers particularly that use Aveda products. Aveda is mostly a vegetarian range, with lots of vegan options too. But it's not fully vegan or fully vegetarian (some products use musk), just a good place to start. They do say they are motivated by 'the art and science of pure flower and plant essences', however.

Let us know how you get on. :)
I only get my hair cut twice a year as it's very long so doesn't need styling as such.
I think in future I would phone and ask beforehand- and see if they are happy to use my own products. Saves them using their own stock I guess. :)
The hair salon I go to doesn't even wash hair, they just cut. So that is an option I guess.
I used to go to this really nice vegan friendly hair salon in Chicago before I moved, but they were very expensive. Not using any product to begin with is fine with me, lol. That place was nice because they sometimes give you snacks, and you could always request coffee with vegan creamer.