Greeting from California USA.


Aug 31, 2022
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Glad I found this place and am happy to be here.
I'm fortunate enough to live in a small artist community with forward thinking active people.
I feel at home here and have found my tribe.

Have been vegetarian for most of my life and have gone Vegan this last year.
I do struggle a bit still. There are things I miss, like eggs and cheese.
I try to stay on the low carb side of things and avoid all wheat.
As I age I'm finding what I eat has a more direct effect on my wellbeing.
All in all, I enjoy my life and keep active with my Golden Retriever, she's a joy.

Be well,

welcome to the forum Kris

I am on the higher starch side of the spectrum and keep small amounts of Just Egg (patties mostly and some liquid) and buy Violife cheez shreds as I find I can eat a lot less using the shreds, so I don't miss cheese or eggs.

We find that spices are the key to making everything amazing!

Emma JC
Find your vegan soulmate or just a friend.
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