Greater family issues.... emotional possession

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Emotional point of possession; my destructive will.

when I arrived in Denmark 2016 April, I in my thought was conned into thinking that the Nordic area should control my destructive will.

I have since learnt that this is like an infrastructure of empathic interconnection, seemingly active long distance however this may simply be “battery like effect” of contact and transference.

About the same time I was conned into losing money for renting a place to live, to an extent where it was so obvious that I was being conned and could not not be. Indicating that I through the same system as empathy is experienced (and shared thinking) was already possessed on the points enabling me to see such things clearly.

Everything and everyone is family, sometimes non humans more than humans. I find vegans to be more family than most people I know somewhat, it’s as simple as how fundamentally better we bond.

My deep respect to what is letting go of me, having seen it makes sense to not use me. Achieving freedom through honesty while enslaved; ~improving and understanding why slavery is harmful and how to benefit from these abilities/use these in a helpful manner.