For those vegans who do it for the animals


May 18, 2018
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Agreed. Nice share. I've always been the black unsocial sheep. We grow a thick skin or sink basically. All each of us have to worry about is whether we're living our own lives or living to someone else's. We're the first in a growing wave of change. And one person can make a difference.

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I sadly am in an environment vvhere there is so severe suppression of the indirect and hovv animals experience suffering, that this vvas not my reason.

Not that I vvould step on a plant or kill a fly; though indirectly its not easy to relate to. Impossible this moment.
I do buy fair trade, recycled and akin only; that enables me to think about indirect consequences and perceive such. I though cannot think about the experience of a being, even novv as I am vegan, at some far avvay place.

-- Regardless of hovv you vievv it all; that is a kind of psychopathy. Not specifically solely a suffering of mine, quite the norm. Or one could label it; having the possibility of unlocking greater empathy and ability of immersement. Something like that; the "psychopathy" is a locked label.