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Second Summer

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Apr 26, 2012
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It seems that emails from have not been working since Monday -- oops! The mailgun account we were using appears to have stopped working. As a consequence of this, new members will not have been able to sign up properly as the emails with the confirmation links will not have been sent out. (Edit: I've now manually sent new confirmation link emails to these new members.)

We're now temporarily using a account I have on my own mail server, and I will set up a new account there as a long-term solution. I had planned to do that anyway, as I prefer not to depend on third-party services whenever I can avoid it.
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Ooops, I just discovered I had misspelled our email sender address in the board configuration. As a consequence I will not have received anything from the 'Contact Us' form, and newly signed up members may not have received the emails with the confirmation links.
It's human to make mistakes, right?
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so I am not the only one not receiving emails at all?

Emma JC
... and yes, existing members not receiving email notifications could have been another consequence. Are you receiving emails now, though? And have you checked your spam folder?
ah ha, it appears they started coming in at 7:37 AM EST today and yes, they all went into my Junk mail - now whitelisted so hopefully all good

Emma JC
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nope, despite whitelisting it at the server level it is still going into Junk

Emma JC
nope, despite whitelisting it at the server level it is still going into Junk

Emma JC
The actual email sender address we use currently is - is that the address you tried to whitelist? (I do plan to get a proper address "soon", but I haven't had the time & energy for it yet.)