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I'm not sure, it could be a bit random (script kiddies testing out the power of their network of infected computers) or it could be someone who's out to get us either because they don't like veganism or because something specific that's posted on the forum. Or even a combination of those.

My imagination creates this vision of cartoon adolescent robots wandering around and just randomly attacking things for no good reason. they don't even see this as a "vegan forum". More like bubble wrap.
Seems like the Search function is broken
Yes, that is a deliberate choice, sorry. I turned off the component that's serving it because it takes a lot of memory which was needed to combat the attack. I might turn it back on again tomorrow (Sunday) at some point.
I've started it up again now, and the search seems to be working again.
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I got myself blocked earlier today when I posted an image! (Well, it was only the link to an image, but still!)

So, looks like I need to tweak the configuration a bit more! Sorry about this, I'm sure others must have experienced the same thing.
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