Best Vegan Home Products?

What do you mean by home products exactly?
You can visit TheVeganKindSupermarket online store, maybe it would help you out.
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and also you might want to check out the ThriveMarket. They even have filters for organic and cruelty-free.

In the household cleaning section, they have Planet and 7th generation. Those are products you can find at a lot of brick and mortar stores. I have never actually taken the time to compare prices. Usually, I end up just buying the stuff at a store when I need it.
I do recommend buying in person before buying that product online as one of the issues I have had, in the past, with "healthy" laundry products is that some have an intense perfume that they put in. It makes me gag and gives me a headache so I don't buy anything that I can't smell first.

We have a local health store chain that has their own 'green' products and they are great and inexpensive and concentrated. I use their laundry soap and dish soap.

Emma JC
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I make my own liquid soap from bars of Kirks soap. It is a cheap no-perfume and vegan soap brand that can be found almost anywhere. Basically just take a bar of kirks, throw it in a freezer bag with 3 cups of water and put that in a container (just in case the bag leaks). Then once a day "massage" the bag until it all dissolves (3 or 4 days). Then add more water until it is the consistency you want I always keep a bar in the bag for when I need to refill the various household liquid soap dispensers. I use it for dishes, bathroom hand soap and even laundry (YMMV on that last one).
I haven't bought shaving cream or gel for over a year. Sometime back I learned how to make flax gel from whole flax seeds (the gel is strained from the seeds after boiling). I expected it would only last me a few months. Keeping enough in the fridge and rest frozen until needed it has lasted me over a year.
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