1. Pim

    Finding vegan wine

    Do you drink vegan wine, as a vegan?
  2. shyvas

    What's Your Favourite Tipple?

    A margarita with lots of salt on the rim of the glass.:grinning:
  3. Second Summer

    Non-alcoholic vegan wines

    I've found an online shop that sells non-alcoholic vegan wines, but I'd prefer to buy it from my local supermarkets. Does it exist?
  4. K

    Vegan Wine!

    Most people (even some vegans) don't know that wine is often filtered through fining agents that are animal-derived (some examples are: bone marrow, casein, gelatin). However, vegans should not have to give up the luxury of drinking amazing wine! Ava Winery is making a revolutionary vegan &...