vegan cheese

  1. Vegbeast

    Vegan cheese!

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well! My first thread here, happy to be a part of this community - so much good info :) I wanted to write about a new cheese brand I discovered called Vegcheese (VEGCHEESE - Dairy Free & Nut Free Artisanal Vegan Cheeses) I believe they are only available in Canada...
  2. effortDee

    Vegan Cheese Options

    I would like to share this resource with everyone, it has nearly 1000 vegan cheese options and the discovery tool can be used to filter and sort in many ways. The hardest part for me transitioning to veganism 4 years ago was removing cheese from my diet, so I thought some could benefit from...
  3. R

    What are the most realistic vegan cheeses?

    Hello 👋, I’m an ex-vegan-turned-veggie looking to possibly go back to vegan at some point... My main culprit is dairy cheese. I eat vegan cheese, too, but I would like vegan cheeses that are ultra-realistic. What are the most realistic alternatives to vintage cheddar, goats cheese, mozzarella...
  4. R

    Mature cheddar cheese?

    Hello 👋, Please note, I’m looking for vintage (or at least extra mature), not just cheddar-style vegan cheeses. Thank you 😊.
  5. Emma JC

    Vegan cheesemonger

    On February 7th a new shop opened in England - a vegan only cheese shop and the dairy industry is losing its mind over it. La Fauxmagerie is in Brixton Village, just outside of London. Emma JC UK's first vegan 'cheese' monger is misleading customers, dairy industry complains The dairy...
  6. MadamSarcastra

    NZ Vegan Cheese-New Zealand

    Vegan Cheese May Soon Be a Reality at Domino's New Zealand | Clearly Veg