1. steve_the_kiwi

    UK Is the UK Seasonal Flu Shot vegan friendly

    Hi guys, My first post here, so I'm hoping this is the correct sub-category. I want to get the seasonal flu shot, but I understand that it uses egg yolk (or similar) which of course makes it non-vegan friendly. I've asked a few chemists in London but they end up just reading me a list of...
  2. Second Summer

    Health Issues Flu vaccines 2018 - animal ingredients

    The Vegetarian Society has just published an article about this year's flu vaccines in the UK with details about their ingredients. Full article: Vaccines 2018 Statement by The Vegetarian Society from the above article:
  3. Second Summer

    Health Issues What is your opinion on immunisations?

    Vaccinations appears to be a controversial topic among vegan / vegetarian parents. If you were a parent, would you vaccinate your child? Why or why not?