Health Issues Flu vaccines 2018 - animal ingredients

Indian Summer

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Apr 26, 2012
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Oxon, UK
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The Vegetarian Society has just published an article about this year's flu vaccines in the UK with details about their ingredients.

Full article: Vaccines 2018

Statement by The Vegetarian Society from the above article:
“When the demand for vegetarian and vegan products is growing so rapidly, it is disappointing so many medicines and vaccines still use animal ingredients in their formulation. Many people will be conflicted about the idea of having to take non-vegetarian medicines, and some will find it upsetting. However, people should not put themselves at risk and should take medicines and vaccines they need, even if there are no vegetarian alternatives. To ensure everyone has the best chance of staying healthy and feeling good about it, vegetarian and vegan versions of all medicines and vaccines are needed.”