1. Second Summer

    UK General Election 2019

    There will be a general election on 12. December, after Labour unexpectedly supported this proposal. The Tories are far ahead in the polls, but much can happen between now and the vote. LibDem leader Jo Swinson thinks she has a realistic chance of becoming the next PM 🤣 That said, I think the...
  2. M

    Question A-level coursework on Veganism

    Hi everyone! I'm an A-level Nutrition and Food Science student conducting research for my coursework on veganism. My coursework focuses primarily on veganism in relation to health and its effect on a range of dietary disorders. As part of my coursework research, I am required to conduct a...
  3. shyvas

    100 Yr Old Holocaust Survivor - Mugged

    This is such a tragic and sad story. Having survived the holocaust and dying after having been mugged by a drug addict. Centenarian Zofija Kaczan was attacked on her way to church in Derby last May She suffered a broken neck when her handbag was stolen and later died The committed Christian...
  4. Second Summer

    UK Waitrose magazine editor jokes about 'killing vegans'

    While it's clearly a joke, I do wonder what his true feelings are about vegans. Perhaps not all that positive? It also makes me wonder how the average food writers feel, as well as people in general in this country. More: 'Killing vegans' response from Waitrose magazine editor (29. Oct. 2018)
  5. Second Summer

    Disagreement over definition of anti-semitism

    For a while now there's been accusations within / against the UK Labour party of anti-semitism and whether the leadership has been addressing the issue sufficiently. At the heart of the issue appears to be the definition of anti-semitism. Most MPs and Peers now want to use the full IHRA's...
  6. Andy_T

    KFC troubles ...

    Many of you might have heard by now that meat eaters in the UK are currently freaking out as KFC has run out of chickens... Let’s hope the doors of KFC stay closed for good
  7. Second Summer

    Animal Rights MPs reject inclusion of animal sentience in EU Withdrawal Bill

    More: MPs vote to reject inclusion of animal sentience in Withdrawal Bill - Farming UK News (16. November 2017) Is this the sort of thing we must expect when Brexit is being shaped by the Tories? The top comment a the moment: "What sort of a dimwit would you need to be NOT to realise that...
  8. Second Summer

    UK Discontent rising in the Tory party

    More: UK conservatives sign letter of no confidence in PM Theresa May - report | News | DW | 12.11.2017 (12. November 2017) I'm no fan of Theresa May, but to me it seems she's at least not the one creating scandals and problems for the party, as have some of her ministers and MPs recently...
  9. Second Summer

    UK The Telegraph reports the death of Prince Philip

    This came up on Google News just now, but the link is 404 page not found. Apparently, The Telegraph has an article prepared for prince Philip's death as they expect him to die any time now.
  10. Second Summer

    UK NHS crisis

    More: NHS entering 'year-round crisis', BMA warns | GPonline (26. May 2017)
  11. Second Summer

    UK: Petition - vegan meal on every school, college,uni, hospital & prison menu

    If you're a UK citizen or UK resident, please sign this petition: Petition: Put a VEGAN meal on every school, college, university, hospital and prison menu. The petition isn't as well-articulated as I would have preferred, but it gets the message across!
  12. Second Summer

    Interview: Kerry McCarthy, vegan Labour MP (UK)

    More: A vegan voice in parliament (10. March 2017)
  13. Second Summer

    News Carnage - Swallowing the past (new film on BBC iPlayer)

    More: BBC - Simon Amstell brings Carnage to BBC iPlayer - Media Centre
  14. Second Summer

    News Vegetable rationing in the UK, the end is nigh!

    The end times are approaching fast! Iceberg lettuces and broccoli rationed as vegetable crisis hits supermarkets - BBC News (03. Feb. 2017)
  15. Second Summer

    Animal Advocacy Fox hunting opposition at all-time high

    More: Fox hunting opposition hits all-time high, latest poll finds (25. December 2016) I find it somewhat surprising that May is still pushing for this, given the popularity of the ban. She must be quite a hard-line conservative.
  16. FreakyFreekeh

    Want to buy a non-american vegetarian diabetic cook book

    I would like to buy a cook book which is vegetarian, diabetic friendly, and which has recipes I can cook without lots of faff (hence non american, as the ingredients and measurements will likely be strange otherwise) So, quite a niche book. Does such a thing even exist? I could not find...
  17. Second Summer

    UK Brexit - should the UK leave the EU?

    Apparently, UK voters are now divided more or less 50/50 on the issue. Prime minister Cameron has made four demands for EU reforms: More: EU warning for David Cameron ahead of reform talks - BBC News (17. December 2015) Do you think the UK should leave the EU? Stay in the EU? Only stay if...
  18. Second Summer

    Vegetarian restaurant group 1847 out to become a national brand

    More: Vegetarian restaurant group out to become a national brand (Sophie Witts, 12. November 2015) Has anyone been to these restaurants before? Was it any good?