1. K

    Which Daily supplements do you Consume?

    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to the vegan scene and would love to hear your thoughts on food supplements. What kinds of supplements do you incorporate into your daily life? How do you view them in terms of veganism and overall well-being? Appreciate any advice and recommendations!
  2. 2

    possible vitamin deficiency?

    I have been vegan now for almost 1 year and I am noticing that recently my hair is getting really thin and falling out a lot... I started taking a vegan multivitamin to see if this would help as maybe it’s due to some deficiency? But I am scared in case it gets much worse. Does anybody have any...
  3. Second Summer

    "Study says vitamin supplements don't work or are harmful ..."

    I've come across some news stories recently which cite a recent study on association between supplement intake and mortality. This appears to be the actual paper: Dietary Supplement Use, Nutrient Intake, and Mortality Among U.S. Adults | Annals of Internal Medicine | American College of...
  4. L

    Thoughts on supplements?

    I’m launching my company, holier, in April and wanted to share information with everyone! holier was founded on the premise that living vegan should be fun and easy. We’re here to create simplified products that help you live your best vegan life. Our first product addresses a common problem...
  5. P

    Vegan vitamin D

    Hi guys! I was wondering where do you get yor vitamin d from? Do you supplement? And if yes, how often? I have never supplemented vitamin d in the past but I think I will, cause I don't get so much sunlight as I used to. What kind of vegan supplements do you use? I think of buying ora...
  6. T

    Vegan vitamin d

    Hi everyone! I have a some questions regarding vitamin d supplements. Do you use them? And if yes, what kind of supplements do you use? How often? There's a interesting post abuot vegan vitamin d and vegan supplements. What do you think about the vitamin d derived from lichen? Are there...
  7. A

    Vitamin d in 50000 units

    Hello! So my lab work came back and I’m deficient in vitamin D. My doctor prescribed me 50000 units of vitamin D (i think it was twice a week), but i never got it filled because I’ve had trouble finding out ingredients for medications...and since it was a prescription I figured it would be the...
  8. Jane Black

    Chocolate dietary supplements

    Hi! I can`t wait to share with you a chocolate dietary supplement for energy boosting I have found recently. It is made in the form of organic chocolate, it is very important for me as I try to eat as much organic food as possible. And what is more important - they are suitable for vegans...
  9. Catman

    Misc 3+ months of trying and testing vegan protein powders

    I think this is the right section for a post like this. Wanted to share a project I've been working on since shortly after becoming vegan: One of my biggest concerns when I went vegan was getting enough protein as an athlete. It was the main...
  10. B

    Product Supplements, protein and similar :)

    Hello Everyone :D Heres a website that can provide you with all you need from super foods to vitamin b12 supplements and everything inbetween, perfect for those wanting to get fit, bodybuild or to keep super healthy in general. Have a look through the online shop and see if you find anything...
  11. Kirst

    Nutritious expedition food advice - a vegan going to sea!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum :) I'm also relatively new to veganism. I've been a vegan for 5 months now and love learning how to cook, healthy nutritional plant-based meals. I desperately need some advice though please... I am a researcher, going on marine expedition for 5 weeks down in the...
  12. Nicolelouise1

    Maltodextrin- supplement

    whats peoples thoughts on maltodextrin in supplements as a carb source?? Or are there better options?
  13. silva

    Nutrition & Diet New vegan supplement-Complement

    From the people at meatfreeathlete comes what sounds like my supplement from here on out0 Complement! I've been taking B12 sublinguals, vegan DHA/EPA caps, and D3. Complement is a spray combining them all, and at a great price when you realize you're only paying for one thing rather than three...