1. Mark Mywordz

    UK Must I grind all seeds?

    For quite a while now I have been adding nuts, seeds, cinnamon etc. to my breakfast bowl of muesli. I grind the chia seeds and the flax seeds. Now I have started adding a tablespoon of seeds from a packet labeled "mixed seeds". Should I grind these too? It seems logical, since the aim of...
  2. sofresh_and_soclean

    Easy gf seed crackers

    I flavored mine with turmeric but you can go in and direction! The possibilities are endless. Ingredients 1 Cup Quinoa 1/4 Cup Flax (Milled) 1/4 Cup Sorghum 1/4 Cup Hemp Seed 1/4 Cup Chia Seed 1 Tbs Lentils (Soaked Overnight) 1 Tbs Water 1/2 Tbs Tamari or Soy Sauce Season with Salt, Pepper...