1. A

    Question Research Questions

    Hey, I'm currently a high school student writing a research paper for this college class I'm taking over the summer. We have to study and analyze an online community and its characteristics. I'd love some insight on how exactly your point system works, how to become a member, the specific...
  2. Leonietnzr

    Vegan Student needs help for research

    Hiya! My name is Leonie and I am a 3rd year student at the University of Greenwich. I am currently doing my dissertation on "how veganism is influencing travel behaviour". I am looking for people who would like to take part in an online interview about that. If you are interested or know...
  3. PsychstudentLex

    Help needed for research

    Hi guys, I’m part of a team of psychology students, we are looking to scientifically understand how dietary choices and social attitudes are related. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare no longer than 10 minutes of your time to fill out a short survey by clicking the link...
  4. K

    Vegan Health Research

    Hey fellow vegans! I really want to show the world how not eating animals can actually make you healthier! I am conducting research on how diet and exercise affects resting heart rate and blood pressure for my college senior project. If anyone would be willing to help me out and fill out this...
  5. D

    UK Vegan Dissertation Research-Help needed!

    Hi everyone, I am a third year Sports and Nutrition for Health student at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool looking to get some general insight into the lifestyle of dietary vegans. For my dissertation, I am doing 'A comparative study into the relationship between self-reported...
  6. J

    Help with research paper

    Hi everybody! For my college course innovation and change, we need to conduct research on a certain topic and come up with some innovative idea on how to improve our topic. As someone very conscious about what I eat, I chose "how can we reduce the usage of animal products". In the first...
  7. KristopherCussans

    Animal Ethics Philosophy Literature Review

    I am either looking for an existing literature review on animal ethics (in the philsophical sense rather than applied ethics) or looking to write my own. If you have read one I'd be grateful if you shared. If not then please share with me some animal ethics research you think must be included...
  8. A

    US Dietary Trends and Masculinity

    Hello, my name is Andrew Gilley and my research partner, Agustin Rojas, and I are conducting a study for our senior project to determine whether the stigma that men who don't eat meat are inherently less masculine compared to men who do eat meat. Since we have found little research that discuss...
  9. H

    Dissertation Research

    Hi all, I am currently a Sustainability and Environmental Management Masters student completing my dissertation titled 'How do dietary choices influence an individuals greenhouse gas footprint in the UK'. If you have a spare 5 minutes please may anyone complete the questionnaire I have linked...
  10. H

    Survey Dissertation Research

    Hi all, I am currently a Sustainability and Environmental Management Masters student completing my dissertation titled 'How do dietary choices influence an individuals greenhouse gas footprint in the UK'. If you have a spare 5 minutes please may anyone complete the questionnaire I have linked...
  11. L

    Survey Survey vegan Mona dessert

    You would really help us by filling in this survey. As students of the course Marketing at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, we are researching the possibility for Mona to launch a vegan dessert. Regarding this research, we would like to ask you a couple of questions. The questionnaire will...
  12. K

    Animal testing for reasearch and development

    Hi all! I am a chemist and i will soon be starting work on a pharmaceutical contact lense that cures glaucoma in humans. This contact lense will udergo animal testing in rabbits. I have expressed my dissaproval however there is no other way for this technology to undergo any other kind of...
  13. E

    Survey Researching technology and veganism

    I’m researching the challenges that people face when following a vegan diet and how technology might help. Please could you help me by answering 5 quick questions? 1. What do you find hard about being a vegan? (Or the idea of being a vegan?) 2. Do you plan ahead regarding what you eat and, if...
  14. E

    Survey Veganism survey: participants needed!!

    Hey Guys, I am a masters student based in London and I am currently working on my dissertation and as a vegan, I found it interesting to focus my research on Veganism and consumer behaviour. I would appreciate it if you guys could take my survey. It takes only 3 minutes and respondents are...
  15. B

    Survey Healthy eating

    Hello, I am a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Indiana State University. I am currently conducting my dissertation research and I am examining different relationships between healthy eating behaviors and mental health. For my research, I am particularly interested in those...
  16. S

    Survey Plant based protein vs. animal based protein research study

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a research study and need participants to take my survey. I thought this would be a good medium to find vegan athletes. Thanks again, Steebs
  17. E

    UK Research Dissertation - Animal Welfare & Social Media

    Hi, I am a postgraduate student at Goldsmiths, University of London. As part of my course I am conducting research into the political efficacy of social media as a promotional tool in regards to animal-welfare causes. I have been looking through recent forum posts and thought I would reach out...
  18. sasineri

    Survey How willing are people to adopt a plant-based diet?

    Hi, I am doing research on people´s preferences and willingness to eat more compassionately. I would really appreciate if you took a few minutes and filled out this questiannaire: Thank you for your input!
  19. K

    Survey Creating Dietary Restriction App

    Hey everyone! I am working on a thesis project for graduate school. My creation is going to be a dietary restriction app. This can range from vegetarian to gluten free to vegan to nut allergy, etc. If you have a dietary restriction, (since I am posting on this forum, it is very likely lol)...