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  1. L

    The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook

    The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook Includes over 100 mouth-watering recipes for Everyone to Enjoy!
  2. CedricVE

    Vegan starter kit

    Hello everyone I have recently started being vegan. After the well-known difficulties, I started reading the book "The Vegan Starter Kit Everything You Need to Know About Plant-Based Eating". This book is full of useful tips that you can use. It also contains useful recipes. I would definitely...
  3. P

    The Best Vegan Cookbook I've Ever Read

    I did a quick search and didn't see anything about The Korean Vegan pop up, so thought I'd share because her recipes and recent cookbook have upped my vegan cooking game tenfold. She's very popular on TikTok (a TikToker? Is that what the kids say?) and came out with her first cookbook a couple...
  4. veg4lyfe

    Great recipes for vegan meals.

    Hey guys, I hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to share with you a tasty breakfast recipe that a lot of vegan's are talking about. This morning, I cooked myself a delicious Peanut Butter Banana Quinoa Bowl! I got this recipe from my good friend Justin Kaye's Plant-Based Recipe...
  5. LeoLivesLike

    Free breakfast recipe ebook (great for athletes)

    Just wrote a totally free breakfast recipe ebook that contains my abosulte favorite go-to morning meals for crazy energy and muscle building! Link below
  6. L

    Vegan cookbooks for non-vegans?

    Christmas is around the corner, and I am looking for a good covert vegan cookbook for a gift for my mother. Any suggestions?
  7. Coco Lee

    Media Exciting, exotic, easy, and cheap vegan recipes! (free strawberry/rose sorbet included)

    Hello Friends! I'm the Founder of a new Company called Love. Harmony. Balance. Facebook @ loveharmonybalance We are Here to Help People Realize their Full Potential. Finding Love, Harmony, and Balance in Yourself Creates a New World for Us All. We Are The Future. Our first mission is to...
  8. T

    Product Vegan recipe book free with kindle unlimited

    Hi guys, I've just published my first vegan recipe book on Kindle, it's available free with Kindle Unlimited otherwise it's just $0.99! It's full of super tasty, healthy and totally vegan recipes that I'd love for you to check out, try some recipes and let me know what you think! Here's a...