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  1. P

    Research on Plant Based Milks

    Hey everyone, I'm a student at the University of Buffalo doing research on plant based milk and how it is consumed. I would love to have your opinions on the milk you drink by filling out this quick 2 minute survey: Plant Milk Satisfaction Survey I appreciate your time and I really value your...
  2. JessikaM

    Plant Based Diets Can Feed More People Than Animal Based Diets?

    Why aren't there global strikes for this??? I want to see strikes similar to Fridays For Future, but for Ending Global Hunger also. Strikes for a plant based diet to be adopted in oder to support the end of hunger in the world. What do y'all think??
  3. Honest Pastures

    Have you heard of Honest Pastures?

    Hello! I am the owner of Honest Pastures. We manufacture plant-based meat alternatives we call Beaf™. We ship throughout the United States. We support wholesale and retail distribution as well. Please check us out at
  4. jayk

    Product Promote this high converting vegan product

    Hi and wishing you all a happy new year! As you probabaly know, the Health and Fitness niche, particularly the Plant-based diet / vegan segment is an extremely profitable industry. And so, after dominating the software niche for the past decade, I'm proud to introduce to you... The plant-based...
  5. U treatment of lifestyle diseases(through medical nutrition therapy)

    Using food as medicine to reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. What do you think, is it possible?
  6. Elysabeth Alfano

    Hi ya awesome vegans

    Hi ya Awesome Vegans!! Wish I had found this site earlier. Just wanted to introduce myself... I’m Elysabeth, host of the Awesome Vegans podcast on iTunes and the vlog on YouTube. So happy to be here and to be a part of these conversations. First and foremost, thank you- everyone of you- for...
  7. Jeff2health

    Vegan fitness/bodybuilding

    I've been vegan since I was 19 years old just about when I was going to turn 20.i have been active all my life but just recently I'd say 11 months ago, I started to workout for fitness and building muscle but it's been difficult to put on weight and build muscle but my strength is going up on...