1. naughtyvegan


    hello:) I hope this is allowed. I am so happy I found a vegan forum where there's recipes and lifestyle stuff etc! I am hoping to meet new friends.. Please feel free to drop me a message. I'm a vegan (obvi!) I love music, cooking, animals, gaming, and true crime. Nightshifter- night owl!
  2. S

    Hello new vegan here!

    Hi all, I live with my parents and younger brother, and we usually eat meat once every 2 weeks and dairy once a day. However I've recently decided to go vegan, and my family has been completely supportive (although they are still eating meat, dairy, etc). I have lots of vegetarian friends and...
  3. Busybee22

    Hello world!

    Hi everyone, my name's Ashley and I've been a vegan now for 2 years. I am really excited to share my knowledge and last 2 years of research as to what I use on my skin, and my diet routine. I am also really looking forward to learning from others! I hope to make a lot of new friends here...
  4. Julie

    Cold-turkey vegan (pardon the pun)

    Hello! I'm Julie, from Wisconsin USA living in Colombia. It's my fourth day being vegan, I'm brand new and would greatly appreciate any advice y'all can give me! My reasons for going vegan are personal health, environmental sustainability, and animal suffering. I truly never knew all of the...
  5. Nathan

    Hello i'm nate!

    My Current posts are kind of sad because that's pretty much the reason I joined, to share my struggles. I'm Nathan, I'm A teenager than has been a proper Vegan for just under a year. I spent the time before than eating sushi every blue moon. Aside from that, I never ate meat, cheese or eggs and...
  6. D


    :kissing_heart::heart::) Hello, vegan babies ^-^ its nice to meet you all, i've been vegan for almost a month now :blush: I wanted a place where I can talk to other vegans because sometimes the pressure of talking to people who dont agree with your lifestyle can be draining and saddening. I also...
  7. M

    Wanting to make to step to vegan

    Hi guys.. Don't really know where to start but I'm a moderate meat eater that is planning to turn completely Vegan over the next few months. I'm trying to slowly introduce changes in my families diet and educate myself in what to and what not to eat. I'm trying to find out how to make sure my...
  8. Magdalenav

    Hello all

    Hi, I am new here, and would like to say Hello to everyone who has become vegan or is close to !!!!:D
  9. Squiggy

    Herro, new to the community

    Hey-oh, :wave: my name is Mika (mee-kuh.) And I am a proud vegetarian hoping to soon make the big step to veganism. My interests mainly lie with hamster ailments & injuries/genetics, photography, filmography, animal rights, music, fitness, and coffee! hehe. I am currently playing the role as...
  10. Nina

    Hello, fellow veggienators C:

    Hi there! :wave: I'm Nina, a vegetarian from the US. My interest are, music, art, animals, photography, marine biology, cat behavior study, books/reading, food, and a whole lot more! :p I'm currently a slave to my two pets, Wasabi, a full grown Syrian hamster, and Samwise, a crazy hyper...