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Nov 22, 2017
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My Current posts are kind of sad because that's pretty much the reason I joined, to share my struggles. I'm Nathan, I'm A teenager than has been a proper Vegan for just under a year. I spent the time before than eating sushi every blue moon. Aside from that, I never ate meat, cheese or eggs and I never drunk dairy. Simply because I didn't enjoy the taste, as I have an eating disorder. All I ate back then was rice, plain noodles and sushi every once in a while.

Sometimes I go for a few days without eating as well. It's just part of my lifestyle. But since I became a proper Vegan I've been trying veggies and stuff, and it's actually helped my diet vastly! I'd never imagine myself eating this much variety back then, though I still usually eat one or two meals a day I'm slowly increasing the amount of food I have.

I've also stopped wearing animal pelts and using products tested on animals, though I didn't really do that before excluding my Doc martins which I quickly washed and gave to my dogs, later on replacing them with Vegan Docs instead which are actually more comfortable in my opinion. Now I feel like I have the right to visit the cows in my college.

My college uses a farm that has cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and goats, plus a lot more animals. Sadly, these all are used for produce. I hate what happens to them, I've even left some sneaky posters for public to see so they can learn more about it. I can't make them explicit since kids go to those farms, but Parents will definitely understand what the posters say.

Sometimes I go into the farm and give the cows a well earnt hug, as well as smuggling in the occasional fruit and veg for them since the poor guys don't get anything other than wheat and hay. They had a bunch of piggy's, six to be exact, which were all meat pigs. I used to go to them, sneak behind the gates and sit outside the bars. I'd be crying while rubbing their bellies for them. I tried so hard to stop them from going to that fate...

Being a Vegan has helped me health wised, and it has helped me feel a bit more confident in myself because I used to have zero confidence, but now I know I can change others lives, and not just any others either, the kindest and most lovable others on the planet! It makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

I just came on here to ask a few questions, but I might stick around because the layout of this website is so pretty, and it's perfect to visit forums in the afternoon. I'm truly happy that people like Vegans exist on the planet, people that truly care for animals. It just makes me so relieved that not all people are mean, and it gives me hope for humanity.

I love Veganism.