Hello new vegan here!


Dec 30, 2019
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Hi all,
I live with my parents and younger brother, and we usually eat meat once every 2 weeks and dairy once a day. However I've recently decided to go vegan, and my family has been completely supportive (although they are still eating meat, dairy, etc). I have lots of vegetarian friends and several vegan ones, who have influenced my choice in becoming vegan, and helped me a lot. So yeah! Any more tips or advice would be amazing :)
welcome to the forum @StarGirl and congrats on your decision to help the animals and the environment and your health, of course

It is so good to hear that your family is supportive and that you have friends that are as well.

Being a good example, to your family, is an amazing goal and I would suggest that you offer to cook a meal or two a week of simple whole foods to help them see that there is no need to eat animal products. Simple chillies or stews and soups with a nice side of whole grain breads is a good start.

Emma JC