1. Second Summer

    Software Firefox 57

    I'm using this now, and it does feel like it's much improved! More: Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons (10. November 2017)
  2. Second Summer

    Software Firefox Tracking Protection Reduces Website Load Time

    More: Firefox’s tracking cookie blacklist reduces website load time by 44% ( May 25, 2015) ... and here is how to turn on tracking protection: Tracking Protection in Firefox | Firefox Help
  3. Second Summer

    Software Firefox Hello

    It's a video chat feature, so it's similar to Skype, except it's built into the browser (Firefox). Firefox Hello — Free, easy video conversations — Mozilla Anyone here using it? I gave it a try today. Worked really well on my end with Linux, and fairly well on Jen's end (MacOS). I would think...
  4. Joe

    Software Lost Tabs in Firefox

    Whenever I start Firefox, I always click on "Restore Previous Session." Yesterday, something got screwed up and Windows kept telling me "Firefox Not Responding." So I closed Firefox down. When I tried to start Firefox again, the "Restore Previous Session" produced dozens of "New Tab"...
  5. Second Summer

    Software Firefox v29

    Anyone else using this yet? I ran a system upgrade on my laptop at work the other day, and the update included Firefox v29. I think it's been out for a while, but I guess I'm a bit behind on these things. I quite like the new look-and-feel of the user interface. Wondering which version you...