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Apr 26, 2012
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Oxfordshire, UK
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Anyone else using this yet?

I ran a system upgrade on my laptop at work the other day, and the update included Firefox v29. I think it's been out for a while, but I guess I'm a bit behind on these things.

I quite like the new look-and-feel of the user interface.

Wondering which version you have? Just enter "about:" in your address bar.
I'm on 29.0.1 on my Linux desktop and laptop and mostly like it. I use FF Beta on my Android phone and tablet and it's currently reporting version 30.0.

On my PCs I use NoScript, Adblock Plus, PrefBar and It's All Text extensions. Not all of these seem to available for Android yet. On the profiles I use for forums and twitter I also have Kitten Block installed. ;)
I use Firefox for everything but Youtube, as HTML5 isn't supported yet.

Like beanstew, I use NoScript and Adblock+, but also Leechblock, Greasemonkey and Fireshot
I use FF with Flash plugin for YouTube. I have a separate browser profile I use exclusively for this. Flash is disabled in my other profiles via a Prefbar checkbox. I upload a lot to YouTube and it seems to take a while to make new uploads available in HTML5 and I like to playback what I've just uploaded to check everything is okay so I'm stuck with Flash for a while.