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    I’m having an anxiety upset. I hate living in this world. Please help.

    Hello 👋, This isn’t just vegan-related, but I’m Autistic and I suffer very badly with anxiety. I just went into my mum at a ridiculous hour asking about getting my sleep-in headphones working. She got really cross. I got really upset (crying, not angry). I desperately wanted compassion from my...
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    Should businesses/companies stop selling pug-related merchandise?

    Hello 👋, This is something that I sometimes get quite passionate and frustrated about. Pug merch is everywhere these days, from soft toys, clothing, cushions, stationery and other stuff. However, pugs are among the most unhealthy breeds out there, with their breathing problems, etc. People see...
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    Please sign and share my petition about cat and dog meat

    Hi, Please sign and share my petition. There is no graphic imagery directly attached to this petition, but there may be graphic information and/or links/images relating to animal cruelty, human rights abuses (including rape, sexual assault/harassment and women's rights issues) and/or...
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    Vegan natural alternative treatments for dogs and pets

    I've recently came across and used some new products called Ethos natural health. My dog has cataracts and they have really helped him so i thought i would spread the message, they do so many different products on there too.